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Thursday, September 22, 2016

I'm Laura, a 26 year old from the North East of England.

I had a blog many years ago but for different reasons I ended up deleting it. I've started this blog mainly for a place where I can ramble about whatever is on my mind whether that be travel, books, lifestyle, beauty or fashion related.

So you can get to know me a little better I thought I would do the A-Z of me, which actually was much harder to do than I expected. So here it is...

A is for Accent - I'm from the North East of England so naturally I have a North East accent. I also tend to talk quite fast which can sometimes make it difficult for people to understand me, especially if they are from other parts of the county.

B is for Baking - Baking has always been something I have loved to do in my spare time ever since I was little. GBBO has got to be one of my all time favourite TV shows.

C is for Christmas - I absolutely love Christmas! It is my favourtie time of year. I'm always the one wanting to put the tree up as early as possible and I normally start listening to Christmas songs from October! Everything about Christmas is so magical.

D is for Dogs - I am much more of a dog person than a cat person although I've never actually had either as a pet. My boyfriend and myself are hoping to get a dog in the next year or so.

E is for Eating - I love my food and enjoy tasting new foods especially in different countries.

F is for Fish - I'm terrified of fish to the point that I won't go in the sea at all. I can't eat fish and the smell of it makes me feel ill. So yeah one thing I can't stand is fish!

G is for Great North Run - I run a lot and although I must be mad, I quite like the challege of running long distance. I did my first Great North Run in 2014 and I've completed it each year since. I will probably continue to do it every year becuase it is my favourite race of the year.

H is for Harry Potter - I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I'm currently re-reading all of the books and I'm loving being back in that world.

I is for Italy - This summer I spent travelled around the Italian lakes with my boyfriend. While we were there we also visited Verona and Venice. I have family who live in Italy but I hadn't been for quite a long time. I love the country, the relaxed way of life, the food and of course the ice cream!

J is for Job - I am a qualified primary school teacher. I am currently working as a supply teacher which I am really enjoying at the moment.

K is for Kayaking - Something I love to do, especially when in the Lake District, is hire a kayak and take it out on the lake. I just find it so peaceful and relaxing.

L is for Lake District - One place I love to go as often as I can is the Lake District. It's not too far away from where I live and both my boyfriend and myself love to go there for walks and to relax.

M is for Music - I listen to pretty much anything and enjoy discovering new music.

N is for Northern Lights - Something that is definitely on my bucket list is to go and see the Northern Lights. It fascinates me and hopefully I'll get to go and see them in near future.

O is for Organised - This is something that I always like to be. I always need to make sure everything has its own place. I remember when I was younger my Mam and Grandma used to joke about me reorganising the shelves in shops into size order! 

P is for Plan - I like to have a plan. I think this pretty much goes with being organised. If I'm going on a trip somewhere I like to know details of everything. That being said I can be spontaneous at times.

Q is for Quiet - A lot of people often describe me as quiet when they first meet me however, once they get to know me they realise this is not the case.

R is for Reading - I am a bookworm and always have been from being young. I love to read pretty much anything although I do prefer fiction to non-fiction.

S is for Sleep - I love my sleep! I don't often have a late night and I love having a nap during the day at weekends.

T is for Travel - I love to travel and explore new places and countries. Growing up I was lucky enough to go on many holidays all over the world. Last year I spent almost a month travelling around the west coast of America and so far this year I've visited Barcelona and travelled around the Italian lakes. 

U is for University - My first degree was in Business with Marketing, which I studied at Northumbria University. A couple of years later, after saying I would never go back to uni, I ended up at The University of Sunderland studying for my PGCE to become a qualified primary teacher.

V is for Vehicle - I drive a Mini Cooper which I love and I've had for around 6 years now. 

W is for Walking - Something I like to do at weekends is go for a walk whether that be around my local area or driving a little further to explore new places.

X is for X-Ray - I've never had to have an x-ray. Touch wood i'll not need to have one anytime soon.

Y is for Yes - Something I have tried to do a lot more over recent years is say yes to things, to challenge myself and put myself out of my comfort zone.

Z is for Zodiac Sign - I am a Taurus which means I am reliable, practical, patient and devoted.

What's your A-Z?

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